Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MyOrganizedChaos & PrimaLoft Pillows 8/26

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I have to be extremely choosy when picking pillows. I have always had neck stiffness and muscle soreness in my neck that is acerbated by improper pillows. I have always used ones that were flat and lifeless, in order to ensure that my neck stayed aligned while I slept.
I received a Twin Pack PrimaLoft Pillows from DOWNLITE, which have a 300-count damask fabric. When hubby first opened the box, he immediately said, "You're not going to like these!!!". I was at first disappointed by how big and fluffy they were, looking like the type that I always avoid. But, being the good little product review that I am, I tried them out and risked a possible trip to the chiropractor the next day.
My opinion: I adore them! I have have never been able to use such fluffy and soft down pillows before. These are the first ones that are so comfortable, even with my history with neck soreness. They are huge, yet compress and surround your head in softness when you sleep - and I have been sleeping great! For those with sensitive skin, the products at DOWNLITE are purified and hypoallergenic as well.


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