Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dealicious Mom & Olivia DVD 8/26

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In her first full length DVD released August 11th, Olivia takes preschoolers on adventures that are a mix of fantasy and reality. The DVD includes a never before seen episode and three new-to-DVD episodes, along with an exclusive Olivia Photo Gallery introducing Olivia and all her friends.


A little more about Olivia…

Olivia is today’s girl. She is a 6¾-year-old dynamo who believes she can do anything and sees every day as an opportunity to try new things. Her vivid imagination takes her on grand adventures, both real and fantasy, and like all children, her antics occasionally result in endearing misadventures. Olivia’s confidence and positive nature inspires kids everywhere to think boldly and follow their dreams.

Although Olivia’s adventures in her imagination are bigger than life, the challenges in her day-to-day life are preschool size. Olivia’s unique ways of dealing with these challenges provide moments of fun and drama. She demonstrates how kids can use their imagination to work out what’s happening in their own world. Kids can relate to Olivia because she experiences the same daily trials and triumphs as they do. Every day is a “Big Day” for Olivia; her exuberance is contagious as she takes viewers along for the ride!


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