Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House & Chic Tots 9/14

TwoOfAKindWorkingOnAFullHouse - Give her a visit!


Their Blanket Bag is the original and ONLY blanket bag on the market of its kind. It is made of cotton/spandex with an amazingly soft inside. It is machine washable which makes it easy to use as a changing pad. Toys or other items can be carried around in the tote until you take it out to use as a blanket. Baby can sit and play on the 29"x38" soft side and when it is time to go, simply pull the straps to turn it back into a tote to carry the toys. The straps of the bag can be used like a shoulder bag or twisted and put under the velcro flaps to make a tote.



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