Friday, August 14, 2009

AMomsBalancing Act & Hallmark 8/27

"Edge of Motherhood" and Encouragement For Kids cards. The Edge of Motherhood cards are perfect for moms! As we all know, moms experience moments that can only be fully appreciated by other moms. To help encourage moms through the day to day challenges of motherhood, there are these humorous and edgy cards which can be given to add a few laughs along the way. A recent survey commissioned by Hallmark showed that 2/3 of moms say they handle those stressful moments of motherhood by sharing a funny story with with other moms about their this is a great way to spread a laugh and and connect with other moms as we all are on this journey of motherhood! What's great is...they start at just 99 cents and can be personalized online!!

One of my favorites from this collection was the's cute and something many mom's can relate to!


Hallmark Encouragement Cards For Moms & Kids Giveaway @MomBalancingAct Ends 8/27-THREE WINNERS!


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