Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moms, You Know How This Will End

My son, age 15 comes inside and says:
Son: Mom, you know that dirt pile out back, well ... I made a bike ramp.


Me: Son you're going to end up hurt.
Son: Nah, it'll be ok.
Me: Ok.

About 3 hours later, son comes in, and is rummaging for a pb&j. And says:

Son: Mom, I figure should tell ya' before you notice me limping. *insert raised eyebrow here*
That well, you were right. *Ladies get your calendars out! Mark it down!* I did sorta, kinda get a little hurt on the bike ramp I made.

Me: Still relatively quiet, wondering if this is a band aide, an ER trip, or a Dr.'s visit tomorrow. Turns out it was a tylenol, and ice for the night.

So, as he's offering to show me his "fresh wounds", I don't say much. Other than "I was afraid this would happen."
He buggared up his shin, and told me the worst of it all was a bike peg that jabbed him just below the knee. The buggared up shin is mostly a road rash kind of wound, from taking a lovely slide through gravel.
We'll see if there's any swelling tomorrow.

P.S. He was on his sisters bike.


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