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Mommy Goggles & Venus Embrace 8/24

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Happy 60th Anniversary Bikini! *Giveaway – Venus Embrace*

August 9, 2009 by Tanya

image001Have you ever thought about how old ‘the bikini’ is? I have. Yes, I am odd that way. I find it so fascinating to when things were created. This month marks the 60th anniversary of the bikini in America. When the first bikini was launched it caused an explosion on the fashion scene, and through the years that little piece of fabric has gone through quite an evolution in length, fabrics, colors and cuts. Today, the bikini is a defining force in summer style.

To help celebrate the bikini’s debut in America, Venus has prepared a timeline of 20th century swimsuit fashions and has worked with country star and dancer Julianne Hough to develop a “how to look your bikini best” tip sheet.


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