Monday, August 24, 2009

Frugal Mommy Of 2 Girls & Mom Works Inc. 8/30

They are offering her readers a 10% coupon code good through Sep 30th.

Coupon Code is on her site. Click Here.

Mom Works Inc. makes some really cute shirts for moms. Their shirts include cute saying like "Job Security" , "24 X 365" , "Happy Factory" and of course "Mom Works" . I got the cutest brown top with "Mom

Moms take different paths during the day and have different management styles, but all Moms share one of the most important jobs in the world - raising great people. Mom Works sets out to congratulate all Mothers for their efforts made towards building and managing strong organization, while at the same time striving to fulfill their own personal goals.

Mom Works offers a message about practicing love, humor and optimism in an effort to lighten our work load, if only for a moment. Perhaps in doing so, we can achieve greater patience, compassion and harmony with the hope of strengthening our bonds within our family. As a Mom I am excited to celebrate family and community organizations.


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