Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monkey Mayhem & Jeep Play Yard 9/8

There was one product when I was pregnant with Jaxon I knew I needed, a playpen! The one playpen we bought ended up being recalled and I had to send in the mesh sides to get a rebate which ended up being spent on bills. I knew I needed one, but there were other things more important that we had to buy. Recently I was sent the Jeep® Trek Easy-Travel Playard made by Kolcraft, I was shocked at how huge the box was sitting on my front porch!
I was lucky, when the playpen arrived Jeffery and Jaylin were napping and it just happened to be time for Jaxon to eat, so I fed him and put him in the swing and he watched me put his Jeep® Trek Easy-Travel Playard together.


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