Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Mom Buzz & Toothpaste Heads 9/8

Two New Toothpaste Heads Make Brushing Teeth Fun! (Review and Give-Away)

I admit, I like novelty items. Spread Heads Mustard Marvin and Ketchup Charlie are a blast at family barbecues as the condiments flow freely from their mouth or nose, depending on your topping choice. Everyone "ewwws", but with a smile on their face. Both the grown-ups and kids love it. You can read my full review on Marvin and Charlie here: Put the Eww in Kewl!

So when I heard that Spread Heads introduced a line of toothpaste heads, I was all for it. The idea is that not all kids like brushing their teeth. So if you make it more fun, they are more likely to brush, resulting in a healthier smile! As it is, I already buy fun tooth brushes and special toothpaste to entice my kids to unclench their teeth, so this is just another tool to help make the experience fun! And my littlest one is definitely enamored with Oscar the Toothpaste Cat.

Both Oscar the Cat and Pete the Dog work with most toothpastes. You simply push the faces down on the toothpaste opening and you are ready to let the toothpaste flow. Both Pete and Oscar have a paw that fits into their mouths, so you can close the cap when you are done.


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