Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday & At Ease

I have never really had much interest in “online conventions” and such, the gatherings and so forth. But I have to admit that when I read about BlogHer09 , I shivered. I want for Winter and I to go SOOOO BAD!

I think it’s been a while that I have wanted something so much. Now keep in mind here that I do NOT like change. It just doesn’t settle well with me. It takes a while.
For instance, I finally got a new (to me) washer, now I’m thankful, VERY thankful, don’t misunderstand. But it’s ……. *gasp* …….. different!

Hubby and nephew took an hour drive one way last night to go get it, and back to hook it up. We were down to ONE clean towel. And ya’ know, the last towel on the shelf is always there for a reason. lol A hole, maybe it’s thin ….. but it’s always last for a reason.
So they bring it back, and we were fortunate enough to get this used washer, and the plastic wrapping was still on the cord! To me, that says it hasn’t been used much. Which is what we were told. We are also familiar with the guy that was selling it, we didn’t realize this when we called from the paper.

I immediately started a load of towels. All the while picking apart the new washer. “The tub is smaller, it’s smaller, blah, blah, blah“. I’m sure it makes me sound unappreciative, but really I do appreciate things. Am VERY thankful! Now I don’t do this with gifts, but with other changes. Which that probably doesn’t make a lick of sense. And if my Dr. changes, or gives me different medications, whoa look out!

I’m feeling a little more at ease, considering we went through THREE appliances in a week. Even the fact that we’re broke, I’m a little more at ease. Amazing that as frugal as I am, having shelled out $125 for a washing machine, -vs- no clean towels, I’m more at ease having spent the money. Whatta’ nut eh’.

Oh I wanted to share this with you all, I’m pretty proud. I found out I won a VERY nice gift from Mindy, visit her blog Mommies With Cents, I won her Shred Sled giveaway! Shhhh don’t tell my son. I’m going to put it away for Christmas for him.



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