Sunday, September 13, 2009

Entering Is Plagiarism? Tell Me More.

Funny, I thought that blogging was supposed to be fun. To reach out to others, and help one another move members around to other blogs, reading, and writing reviews, and so on. Right?
Well there is at least one blogger in particular, I'm being lady like and won't mention any names. That does not like for her "reviews" to be copy and pasted. That apparently she considers it plagiarism.

Now if I'm over stepping my bounds on somethings, PLEASE do let me know. I enter, and I do majority of the ways to enter. And I do it for more than one reason. I do it of course for the extra entries. I ALSO add MANY copy/pasted info from giveaways for quick entry AND to help push others to those sites. In no way, shape or form does it mean that I am attempting to take credit for said copy/pasted entries. They are always linked back to the ORIGINAL AUTHOR! Unless I made a typo or an error of some kind.

Now I really do consider myself an open minded person. I really do accept constructive criticism, and rather openly.
Is it fair or a sort of blogging discrimination to eliminate/exclude entries to those of us that do a quick copy and paste?

Is this an unspoken rule of blogging and entering blog giveaways?

In my very frank opinion (I give my opinion much too often sometimes.) this is the VERY reason that blog sweeps and giveaways are looked down upon from the sweeping community.

So, please, do comment. I really want to know, is this a "nono" for entering other peoples giveaways?


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