Saturday, August 15, 2009

Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House & One Step Ahead 8/28

Buy It!
You can purchase the Urban Backpack Diaper Bag for $79.99.

The Urban Backpack Diaper Bag is actually a product that is exclusively sold by One Step Ahead. After gathering tons of research from parents, they came up with this incredibly comfortable backpack that is made of Easy-care poly microfiber. It is designed to fit any mom or dad and has their patent-pending criss-cross straps that provide a comfy, slip-proof fit. The part that touches your back is actually padded and contains even more storage for the padded changing pad and any diapering accessories you need to include. This is a picture of the back.


In addition to all of the extra storage space in the main pocket, there are 4 other large pockets to store everything else you may need on the outside.


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