Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prissy Green & EcoFlow 9/8

WaterPik Eco-Flow Review and Giveaway


Trying to cut down my shower time has got to be my biggest green downfall. I fall flat every time. I just can’t seem to even get my hair washed and rinsed before my shower timer start dinging. Now I have cut it down some, but I am still no where near the Aussies 4 minute shower. Does it help that I am an every other day girl? YES.ECO-563_LG

So what is a shower loving mama to do about those extra minutes? Get a EcoFlow Water Saving Shower Head by WaterPik. Yes, yes, truth is that I STILL need to cut my shower time, but there are products to help save water. Not only are we saving money, but we are able to save a lot of water too!

The EcoFlow® water-saving shower head, the latest innovation in eco-friendly technology, saves up to one gallon of water a minute and features five powerful spray settings plus an exclusive fingertip pause control to use when shampooing, conditioning, or shaving. This efficient low-flow shower head pays for itself in just six months – saving you more than $901 annually on your water bill.

1 Average shower lasts 10 minutes. Average number of showers per day, per household is four. Source: U.S. Department of Energy. January 2007 (hey I am actually average, not as bad as I thought!)

With there being a few settings, don’t forget to keep it on the low flow! It truly does just as good of a job getting me soaking wet, and getting the suds out of my hair. I especially like the pause button. Perfect for when I am sudsing up either myself or my hair, plus a great tool for shaving! Little is worse then getting those gams all lathered up, then the shower spray rinsing it down the drain before you have started to shave!


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