Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mud-Bug & Wal-Mart Zone G/C 9/10

Wal-Mart Your Zone Teen Room Makeover and $500 Gift Card Giveaway


yzlogoMy daughter was chosen as one of the lucky ones to receive a room makeover from Wal-Mart. Let’s just say the next area code heard her excitement. I feel like such a dunce as I realized that I should have taken a before picture so you could have seen the amazing transformation of this room. I will try to paint you a brief mental image. This room used to be my 19 year old’s room (boy). Imagine very dark burgandy walls, meduim gray ceiling and trim, lots of posters on the wall and lots of furniture. It was a very cluttered and busy room. It looked nice but not anything what a 16yo girl would like.

The first task was painting. All paint ans supplies were bought from Wal-Mart. She wanted a like of beachy colored theme.



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