Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mommy Goggles & Smooshies 8/18

Fun. Smiles. Creating your own monster? I was recently introduced to a FUN toy called Smooshies.

Seriously, these are the cutest and most interactive toys that I have seen in a long time. The kids have a blast sitting in the floor with me, creating new monsters and bringing them to life. Yes, the monsters in our house are alive and quite creative I might add.

What are Smooshies?

Smooshies, a 2009 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award and Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children’s Product for 2009 award winner, are such a fun way for kid’s to have creative play. Kids can create anything they can imagine with the limbs, eyes, ears, and other parts.
Smooshies are fun, plush toys that come with velcro tabs which piece together and your child can recreate or create unique characters, creatures, monsters, or whatever they can dream of together.


Where can you purchase Smooshies and their additional fun parts? Smooshies are being sold exclusively at Joann.com (check it out here)


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