Monday, August 17, 2009

Leslie Loves Veggies & Eden Fantasy's 9/2

If your not 18 years or older... just keep on, keeping on thank you very much, this not for your eyes!

You could win it from Leslie Loves Veggies!

Bedside lover’s tool kit comes in a beautifully handcrafted antique replica box

1. The original Oil of love, warms with friction and also acts as a lubricant. It tastes a little spicy and has a delicate Indian fragrance.

2. The edible vanilla massage cream is a deliciously sensual way to relieve your lover’s stress, and there’s no better way to get your lover in the mood than by paying attention to his or her sexual needs. The vanilla is whipped to a frothy texture, and this light vitamin E enriched formula reduces friction on the skin far longer than ordinary moisturizers.

3. The unscented Love liquid stays "slippery smooth all through the night," and it’s water based so it washes off easily and wont leave a stain.

4. The Honey Dust comes with its own pouch and feather brush; this edible and sweet dust also moisturizes and is just another way this exciting kit offers to bring your senses to life.

There's a little bit of everything to try in there to get ya started on your way to a Romantic night of Passion!!!

One Leslie Loves Veggies Reader is going to win the
Bedside lover’s tool kit Thanks to Eden Fantasys!!!!


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