Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's Me Again Margaret

Last night we had a prank phone call, they insisted we return the newspapers they say we had been stealing. I told them to come and get the papers, and they could have them back, folded all nice and neat.

Then they said they wanted ALL the papers back. The puppy crapped on a few of those, I think it would pretty rude to give those back don’t you?

I think they should work on their prank calls.

I mean, there wasn’t even any heavy breathing,or panting … at all! I was terribly disappointed. I even asked them if their refrigerator was running, or if they had Prince Albert in a can. I don’t think they knew what I was talking about.

Perhaps I should have instructed them on how to talk dirty on prank calls after dark?

Hey! Don’t think so badly! Here’s a dirty joke.

Q:What happened to the little boy who went out to play?

Answer at the end of this entry.

Not even a gasp while crying for their news papers. So sad.

Yet, so disappointing. What has happened to our good old fashioned prank callers? Have they gone to the ^&%$ pot?

Sadly enough, I ended the call telling them that they REALLY had to do better on their pranking skills. Don’t tell my kids but I had THAT beat around age 11, with the phone crew for infomercials.

On a serious note, we really did have a wannabe prank caller, and this is really how said situation went. I truly think I was entirely too bored when the phone rang.

I kind of thought I was lining myself up for a long night of prank calls, interestingly enough … they have not called back.

A: He fell in a mud puddle!

See you were thinking bad, bad things! Shame on you.


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