Monday, August 10, 2009

Have We Ever Told Ya ...

... about our site? I'm not sure, and I don't feel well tonight. Bronchitis, sore throat, good ole' aches from lyme disease, and rocky mountain spotted fever, and feeling blah in general adds to the daily aches. So I hope you read my bit of ramblings. Anyway, on to my subject.
Which, by the way this hit me suddenly. At 1:00 AM, a ton of things on my mind, and I'm thinking about our Blog Pals.
Our is WintersWitch , and myself. I'm sure some of you have gathered that from older blog entries. :)

You see, our aim isn't at just one particular set of people. We want to welcome different walks of people to our forums. We don't want to cater JUST to Moms, or JUST to families. We want parents, single parents, families, teens, grandparents, refunders, crafters, other WAHM's, SAHM's (who work mighty hard as well I might add), college students, and today, in our day and age, it isn't a closed arena. If you know of a SAHD, or a single Dad, HEY send him to our site. We are keeping it open. Men of course, have talents too, but when you hear the words, coupons, rebates, budgeting, often your first thought is the female head of household, many times "Mom". I would probably LOVE to come across a gentleman that has a hobby and would like to put his works of art on our site to trade or sell with others.

We want to help unite, and enlarge the many areas on our forum, and other sites and forums, not just ours. We want to help, teach, guide if they need it, share, or even brag and give a pat on the back for an awesome coupon receipt that they saved 98% at the checkout! (I have read many times where this has happened.)

We want to see the crafts others make. Everyone, from young to old are welcome, there are so many things open to them to do at ANY age, whether it be crafting, learning to cut corners on their budget, or to pick up a few tips on how to apply coupons to benefit them the most!

What I'm going to call our "original gals" on our forum, are women that have been using forums, trading, selling, buying, and actively in touch with another on a pretty regular basis for around 7+ years.
Almost, if not for sure daily if you can believe that. These are ladies I trust with my home address and phone number. If you register and browse the forum, these are the ladies that are the moderators, and/or current members there. They are so much more than an acquaintance online, they are real, true to heart, friends. And yes, it is possible!
On a side note, one called me the other day and my niece brought the phone to me, the only small problem with that, is that I was in the shower! Pretty funny.

We have several giveaways going on our site now. All we ask is that you register to enter, and please know that you will not receive hundreds of messages or emails from us. We WELCOME you to win one of these items! Right now the odds are GREAT for entry. In my opinion it's a slow time of the year. But with back to school just around the corner for so many of us, I look for forum usage to pickup quite a bit, not just for us, but for lots of other forums/online communities as well.

I would also like to add, that winners are chosen fairly. There is no favoritism, and there are some really WONDERFUL prizes up for grabs right now, and we will be adding more later. Always check back on our forum.
All advertisers will send, and if there is an issue, rest assured that WintersWitch and I, will be right on top of it with the best of our ability.

If you have read this far, We welcome you (and hope) that you will register on our forum and at the very least have a look around.

If you have ANY issues using the forum, or registering, PLEASE send me or WintersWitch a message through our profiles, or the forum, we'll be happy to help you out!

I ask you this, if you don't mind answering it. What, if anything would you like to have some real, tried and true help on? In regards to the forum I might add. If there were 3 you would choose to practice on, what would they be?


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