Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GoGrahamGo & Gift Hero 8/25

GoGrahamGo enter to win on her site, $50 to Don't rush to enter, 'cause seriously, I wanna' win. *wink*

You know the drill. You receive the birthday invite and you quickly call your other friends to see if they have any ideas at all as to what to get this child. It seems like birthdays are a dime a dozen and so are the toys. We generally try to find something special and unique that won't be a copy cat item. Gift HERO is the store that I wish I had thought of! Two moms teamed up and created this fabulous site where you can find the best children's birthday gifts by age, gender, and price!

The great news is that every gift listed on the website has been tested by these two moms. They do not list and sell anything they would not buy for their own child. To make things even easier, they also provide an adorable gift bag that can be reused for many things. We were sent the Take-A-Part-Crane to review with Graham. This is just one of the many adorable gifts you can find at Gift HERO.


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