Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gobs Of Giveaways & Couponizer 9/1

Couponizer - Review & Giveaway

Okay, so I LOVE to save money but always seem to forget coupons at home or just don't have the time to look through them all to find just the right one...enter the Couponizer!

Thanks to the Couponizer, every single coupon, right down to the dog food has a spot. I must admit that I have tried to make a homemade version of the Couponizer, but it always gets tattered and worn out before I can even get it to the store. With the storage bag, the Couponizer is well protected from anything that comes its way--like little sticky hands:)

What I liked most about the Couponizer is Customer Loyal Card Sleeve. It seems like every store has one from the grocery store to the pet store to the nursery down the street (really, I did just get a loyalty card for purchasing some plants:) It's so nice to have these all in one place and not have to dig in your purse to find the right one.

Thanks Couponizer for making my shopping experiences a better, more organized one.


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