Thursday, August 27, 2009

FrugalMommyOf2Girls & SouthernBrand 9/6

SouthernBrand Giveaway from FrugalMommyOf2Girls!

.com is a down-home, dixie-fried, southern guide to good livin’. Food, music, film, books, travelin’ and just good ol’ southern culture and Americana. It’s life through amber-tinted glasses. The sweet, smokey taste of some real pit BBQ. The steely sound of a beer-bottle slide. The rumble of an old pick-up truck down a muddy, dirt road. It’s sittin’ on the front porch sippin’ ice & bourbon, spittin’ watermelon seeds and pickin’ the blues. But it’s more about where your head’s at than where your feet are at. So come on by, take a load off, and sit a spell. We aim to turn ya on to all the interestin’ things we’ve come across


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