Saturday, August 15, 2009

DealiciousMom & Rosie The Hippo Ends 8/17

Win from Dealiciousmom!

Toys should:

  • - not need batteries or make a ton of noise.
  • - utilize my child’s creativity or imagination in some way.
  • - last a long time or possibly become a family heirloom/ hand me down.
  • - not have a lot of pieces or small parts for more to clean up or baby brother/sister to get their hands on.
  • - not be trendy, “in the moment” or a “flash in the pan” sort of toy. I need them to still be “cool” next week!

So if you are looking for a toy that fits these criteria then I have a great place for you to look, Rosie Hippo. rosie hippo

“Rosie Hippo specializes in bringing to you high quality unique toys and other products from around the world. Toys made from organic fabrics, reclaimed materials, sustainable woods. Natural. Safe. Handmade. Fair Trade. Treasures that children will enjoy for years to come, quality that will last generations.”


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